Next Show: Thursday January 22

Raw stories and real spit rule the mic during “TMI Storytelling”, an unpolished monthly show on funny, provocative topics. Bay Area comedian Gina Gold presents this comedic series which features a rotating cast of storytellers giving a unadulterated, often hard-core look at life. You’ll hear 10-minute tales of heartbreak and woe, peppered with humorous asides and serious commentary from a different lineup each show. As host, Gold will keep the heartfelt and brutally honest show flowing.

TMI Storytelling: Raw Stories, Real Spit, a monthly storytelling series the 4th Thursday of the month.

10 minute true stories, no notes, no scripts.

Are you ready to hear life changing stories? Be part of the huge East Bay scene known as TMI. Door prize giveaways include our famous fun toys and of course our mushroom kit giveaway from Back To The Roots.

Hosted by: Gina Gold

This months theme is LOST
Lost Loves
Lost Chances
Lost Minds…..

Featuring: Emily Epstein White, Joe Klocek, Kay DeMartini, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Rachman Blake, Herbally Inspired

I’m super excited about our storytellers and our musical guests. Deborah Heyer our TMI angel will be bringing The Oakland School For The Arts cast of RENT to open up the show!


7:30 pm

LaPeña Cultural Center

3105 Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley CA 91705

10.00 advance tickets

13.00 at the door

Photo: Dan Busta

From the Urban Dictionary:

unadulterated, hard core, serious

Real Spit
1. A phrase used to describe a speaker’s words as irrefutable, honest, heart-felt or “gospel”.

2. to express real feelings or emotions on a certain subject. like when you want to tell someone that you are earnest or somber about what you are saying. this is only to be used when you are trying to express true feelings. you say “real spit” after you say your opinion.

3. another word for real talk; something that is true